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Since 1994, Japanese Engine, Inc. has been the leading supplier of top quality, low mileage JDM (Japanese domestic market) engines and transmissions to auto dealerships, auto repair shops and retail customers in South Texas.


JDM motors are in high demand the world over and for several good reasons. Key among these are their low mileage and high quality – the result of Japan’s short distances, sophisticated and accessible public transport system and a stringent motor vehicle inspection system that makes it increasingly difficult and expensive for vehicle owners to keep an aging car.


The FIA Foundation report “The Automobile and Society” (2003), states that: “The average annual distance travelled per car varies from 9,300 km (5,779 miles) per car per year in Japan to 19,100 km (11,806 miles) in USA.” In other words, the average Japanese car drives less than half the distance per year that the average US car drives.


The ownership of Japanese Engine, Inc. has a relationship that spans more than two decades (and engine businesses on two continents), with one of Japan’s most respected exporters of JDM engines and transmissions. This relationship ensures that we get the pick of the crop of available JDM engines, at the lowest prices.


All engines and transmissions supplied by Japanese Engine, Inc. are backed by our no-nonsense warranty and underscored by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Proudly serving San Antonio since 1994 and a member of the BBB since 1995.

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