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Japanese Engine, Inc. Under New Ownership – Expands Wholesale Division!

September 2008

Here’s the Heads Up for Members of the Auto Trade

After 14 years Japanese Engine, Inc. has changed hands. Once a small family business, the company is now part of an international group that has operations worldwide and is a driving force in an influential buying alliance that spans North America, Japan, Africa, the Emirates and South-East Asia.
What this means to the American auto trade, is more readily available stock of good used engines and transmissions, more variety and better prices. Much better prices!

How can we help you?

We import directly and will gladly fulfil special orders. Tell us what you need, how much you need and when you’d like it by, and let’s do business.

How can you help us?

We h ave a global buying network that is hungry for US and other engines designed to US-spec. If you can offer good, low mileage engines that our international buyers need, then we need to talk.
It’s Business As Usual
… only better!
While the emphasis of Japanese Engine, Inc. is now more strongly on the wholesale supply of used engines and transmissions, we will continue to service our loyal retail customer base. What we don’t do is compete with you on price. Our retail customers pay retail price. ONLY genuine members of the automotive trade will benefit from our wholesale trade prices.
Come On Over
… call or stop by
To see what we’re all about, meet Steve Mee (the new owner) and talk about how we can do business, call us on 210 646-6688, email Steve at: or get him on his cell at 210 313-8177, and do please bookmark our new website: We look forward to meeting you.

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